About Me

I have been singing and playing guitar since I was a child. My father was in a local band when I was growing up and I sang with his band at many bar gigs starting at about age 8. 

Throughout school I played a few different instruments including percussion in the band and double bass in the orchestra. But my primary instrument was always guitar. In high school I played in a punk rock band, and then several cover bands during college. I also got the opportunity to study guitar in the music department of the university I attended. Later in life I pursued an associate’s degree in Music.

I love to perform live in venues across the Denver, Colorado metro area. I have reasonable rates, and will play from one hour to three hours depending on the venue’s needs.

I have a low-key, low-volume style that complements many small venues where people go to drink, talk, and have a good time. I consciously try to be present but not overpowering. 

I currently play a Taylor 324ce acoustic guitar, running into a T.C. Electronic Ditto X2 looper. With the looper I can create my own backing tracks on the fly and play lead lines over them. This helps me add variety during a set.