A funny thing happened shortly after the last time I played out: I got a promotion at my day job. This had the effect of making my career better, but my life worse.

To make everything work I needed to take a break from playing for awhile.

Awhile has come and gone. I am happy to report that I will be playing at the Berg Haus on Thursday 1/27/22 from 6 to 8. This will be fun and I hope some of you will be able to join me!

Happy 2021! Perhaps a few days early but a new year can’t come soon enough. It has been awhile since I have updated this website. Frankly there has not been much to update; the last time I played out was in October.

I am planning to start playing out again when the coronavirus vaccine hopefully starts to allow things to open back up in the coming months. Among other things that have been hard this year, it has been hard watching some of the places I used to frequent fold because of the closures. I know others are hanging on by just a thread. While I suppose it is minor in the grand scheme of things, it will still be fantastic to see live music come back after these many months of lockdown.

In the meantime, I have been working on some new material including a few more jazz-based songs. Hopefully they are interesting to listen to. Looking forward to trying them out somewhere farther down the line. As usual, I will post any upcoming dates when I have them.

Forrest Vincent singing with a SARS mask.

I had a fun night at Attimo in Denver last Thursday. Except that, apparently, the City of Denver now requires musicians to perform in a mask and stay 25 feet away from the audience!

So I sang for 2 1/2 hours in a mask. This turned out be be very challenging. Breathing is important to singing. Both the quantity and timing of inhalation are crucial. If the quantity is reduced, the timing suffers. I found myself gasping for breath a few times throughout the night. Not to mention that my voice sounded like I was singing through a giant Chuck-E-Cheese head.

So just another coronavirus related oddity. Looking forward to not having to ever sing in a mask again. But in any case thanks to Attimo for still having live music, despite these strange times.

Forrest and Forrest playing at Lincoln Station

Six weeks ago my father, Forrest, passed away. Those of you who know me will already know that we were very close. This last month and a half has been devastating.

Among other things, my dad was a very experienced drummer, having made a living playing music six-nights-per-week for many years starting in the early 1960s. When I was growing up I got to sing with his bands from time to time. I first performed at a bar when I was about 8. A few days later I took some pictures of this event to school–very proud of this accomplishment–and my parents promptly received a call from the principal; some of the teachers were concerned that my parents had me “working” in taverns. Ha! Little did they know I’d still be working in taverns three decades later….

I am so grateful that, as an adult, I got the opportunity to play in a band with my dad. We performed a few times a year as “The Two Forrest Trio.” Here is a picture of us from, I think, 2018 or so at Lincoln Station in Lone Tree, CO. I am also grateful that we got to play together with our bassist friend Tim just a week before my dad died.

We had a great run. I love you dad.

Anyhow, for those of you who hadn’t already heard, that is why I have not been playing out for awhile. I am starting to make some calls again and get some things set up for the next couple of months. Music has the ability to heal, and playing music certainly helps me with that.

I am looking forward to playing again. Hope to see some of you soon.